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Hotels in the time of COVID-19: lessons learnt from around the world

Posted: 9th July 2020   |   Share

By Gil Karni, CEO

Gil Low Res

Extract from article appearing in Boutique Hotel News.

Causing disruption across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has turned the economy on its head. With widespread restrictions on movement, consumer spending has reached devastating lows, and industries such as travel and hospitality have been gravely affected as a result. As the UK continues to emerge from the crisis, local hotels can look to their overseas neighbours to determine how best to navigate the journey ahead.

As hotels look to open their doors from the start of this month, many will be questioning what lies ahead and, more pressingly, exactly how long it will take for business to return to normal. As countries continue to open their borders and movement slowly returns, stakeholders can now look to welcome tourists both domestically and from overseas, with travellers keen to make the most of the summer months while the opportunity presents itself. Yet recovering from over three months’ lost revenue will not be easy, and hotel owners will need to be creative to ensure they are able to meet demand while abiding with the rules of the “new normal”. 

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