At Bank Leumi (UK) we provide our clients with an experienced, transparent and tailored approach to treasury. We closely support their international business, helping them with their risk management and FX trading strategies.

Our treasury solutions


With our targeted suite of products, our clients are in a prime position to refine their treasury and cash management. As a global corporate banking partner, we offer:

  • Deposit accounts, including variable-rate deposits and fixed-term deposits, with 35- and 95-day notice periods;
  • Competitive hedging and foreign-exchange capabilities, including FX spot trading, forward contracts and limit orders, along with access to markets and competitive pricing.
  • Competitive rates for clients, providing more flexibility and transparency.


What makes treasury services at Bank Leumi (UK) different?

We are committed to supporting corporates’ working capital. Our clients enjoy:

  • A bespoke offering. We tailor our clients’ treasury management services according to their specific needs;
  • Personal, direct access to our Treasury team – ensuring answers in a matter of minutes;
  • A holistic approach to global banking services, thanks to strong collaboration between the treasury department in Bank Leumi (UK) and its specialist corporate finance desks . Whatever their sector, clients can rest assured that their lending, liquidity and foreign exchange needs are covered.


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Daniel Gabb
Daniel Gabb With 24 years’ experience in treasury and foreign exchange, Daniel brought his expertise to Bank Leumi (UK) in 2005.
Head of Treasury and Global Markets
+44 (0) 20 3772 1620



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