Leumi means ‘national’. It’s a reflection of the role we have played in the foundation and support of the State of Israel over the last century.

At the end of the 19th century, Theodore Ze’ev Herzl and several colleagues founded the Jewish national movement – Zionism. To support the new movement, Herzl identified the need for a financial institution to serve it. That led to the creation of the Jewish Colonial Trust (Otzar Hityashvuth Hayehudim) on March 20, 1899.

The Trust’s subsidiary in Palestine, the Anglo-Palestine Company, incorporated in London in 1902. In 1930 it was renamed the Anglo-Palestine Bank (APB). This was the forerunner to Bank Leumi.

From the opening of its first branch in Jaffa in 1903, APB played a key role in financing the development of the State of Israel. It performed the function of Israel’s central bank from 1948 until the Bank of Israel was established in 1954. 

Bank Leumi-le-Israel was incorporated during that period. The business and assets of APB were transferred to the new head office in Tel-Aviv.

Today, the Bank Leumi Group is a leading financial institution with a significant global presence. Our ongoing success is largely due to our continuing commitment to clients, stockholders and employees. Working together through long-lasting relationships, we are continually investing in a better, brighter future.