Internal Complaint Handling Procedures

For many years now we, at Bank Leumi, have tried to ensure that the calibre of service we provide is as faultless as we can hope to achieve.  This corporate culture is also embedded in all aspects of staff training.  However, we do live in the real world and although we try our utmost, with the best will, things do go wrong from time to time.

Consequently and in order to provide you with an even greater level of comfort, Bank Leumi subscribes to the “Financial Ombudsman Service” (FOS), which was launched as part of the FSMA (The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) to create a single quasi independent body to adjudicate on complaints from members of the public and small enterprises.  The FOS is a gathering together of eight previously stand-alone Ombudsman Services and  is now the worlds largest such body. 

Notwithstanding our best endeavours, you may nevertheless feel that you have just cause to complain, for example, about our level of service or the quality of a product and, hereunder, is the process that we will follow.

In the first instance, your complaint will be logged, a unique identifying reference number will be allocated and an acknowledgement sent out to you as a matter of priority, in any event within five business days of receipt.  We will also give you the name and job title of the senior person dedicated to handle your complaint.

Notwithstanding this we will try our utmost to satisfactorily resolve the problem by the close of business on the third day following receipt of the complaint.

In any event, once our exhaustive investigations have been completed we will issue our final response. This will either: -

  • Accept the complaint and where appropriate offer redress;
  • Offer redress without accepting the complaint or;
  • Reject the complaint, giving you reasons and informing you of your right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If, after four weeks from the time of receiving your complaint we are still unable to offer you a solution in the form of our final response, we will provide you with a current status report on how the matter is progressing and when we would expect to be in a position to harmoniously resolve the complaint.

However, if after eight weeks from receipt of your initial contact, we are still unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion, we will explain why the event has become protracted and a date by when we would hope to provide you with a final response and seek your agreement to this further extension.  At that time we would also inform you of your right, within a six month period of receipt of your notice of our response or, within 6 years of the actual event, to refer your dissatisfaction to the Financial Ombudsman as well as providing you with a copy of his explanatory leaflet.

Bank Leumi (UK) does not charge any fees for complaints reported by any of our customers.

In conclusion, we wish to state that as well as treating your complaint in a fair and honest fashion, we aim to introduce an ethos of promptness and consistency and by analysing the results of our efforts, identify and remedy any pattern of recurring and systemic problem.